THE 舶来寄席 2018

“The Man Who Manipulates the Lazuline Cube”

Cube Act


From Moldova, Konstantin Sandou started performing his amazing Geometric Cube act back in the year 1995.
Konstantin has traveled the world performing his Cube Act, including with Britney Spears and her Circus Tour (2009), and other famous traveling Circuses, among many other special events that have taken him around the world to perform his incredible act.
Konstantin first saw this act in 1990. Extremely fascinated by it, he wanted to do it, reinvent it, make it his own and be better than anyone else. He has dedicated many years of hard work and training to make this act look simple, smooth, and mesmerizing.
Five years later, in 1995, he started to perform.
The cube act was originally created by a different Russian performer some years before Konstantin, but his act is unique because he has reinvented the props, made different shapes, changed the materials to help them spin faster and leap higher.


THE 舶来寄席 2018

THE 舶来寄席