THE 舶来寄席 2018

“Top—Knight of Diabolo”


Chih-Han CHAN(Taiwan)

Chihhan Chao, a 25 years old professional Diabolo player, won his first championship at the age of 17 and has won gold trophies in the 2015/16 Red Bull Diabolo Competitions.
After becoming Asian Cup champion, Chao became the「The Diabolo Maestro of Taiwan」 -In 2017, he even won the gold medal at the World Three Great Juggle Contest in Paris.
Practicing for 18 years since the age of 7, Chao may have lost his passion for diabolo at times but his will to become the best of best has never changed.
Through the pressure of criticism and opponents, Chao forged himself into a great player and performer, winning many gold medals and showing his skills to the whole world.
The time he gave up for practice, the times he lost, all of them hold a special meaning─ he found out his true goal by facing his inner self.
From now on, Chao aims to create more and more unique techniques, moving forward in his own special way to the top of the diabolo world.


THE 舶来寄席 2018

THE 舶来寄席